Zland Movers Terms & Conditions

1.0. This contract is made between “Zland Movers” and “The Customer”. All business undertaken by Zland Movers, The Moving Team, or the customer Service Representative, including the provision of advice,information, or other services, is undertaken upon, and subject to, theseconditions. On payment of the deposit by The Customer, or confirmation ofthe booking by The Customer Service Representative, the contract is considered to be active.

2.0. Zland Movers accepts goods for carriage only upon these terms and


2.1 For all house/office moves, furniture relocation, and general freight movement, prices are quoted based on information provided by The Customer. Zland Movers reserves the

right to modify prices as a result of incorrect volume, dimension, weight, or access conditions. This can include flights of stairs, narrow driveways, heavy items, etc, varying

to those outlined by The Customer at the time of booking. Additional charges may also be incurred for redirection, multi route, additional labour not requested, storage, etc. It is

The Customers responsibility to inform their Customer Service Representative prior to their move of any items of this nature.


2.2 Items are inspected by The Moving Team before being loaded. If Zland Movers notices that goods are not safe to transport or insufficiently packaged and may cause

damage to either itself, other items, or vehicles, The Moving Team reserves the right to reject carriage of these items.


2.3 The Customer will not give to Zland Movers for packing, removal or storage:

a) Any article or substance which is, or is likely to be, of a dangerous, corrosive,flammable, explosive or damaging nature, or anything likely to encourage vermin, bora, or any other pest.

b) Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones or metals, money, deeds,securities, stamps, coins or goods or collections of a similar kind.

c) Prohibited or stolen goods, drugs/medicines, aerosols, paints, firearms, gas cylinders and ammunition.

d) The Customer will empty, properly defrost, and clean refrigerators/deep freezers. Zland Movers are not responsible for the contents.

e) Any animals and their cages or tanks including pets, birds or fish.


2.4 Access, parking and legal documents

a) The Customer will notify Zland Movers if there is not suitable and convenient access to the places at which the goods are to be moved. The Moving Team may apply an extra charge due to any access restrictions and will not be liable for any goods damaged through the lack of such access.

b) The Customer will ensure good, safe, and secure parking/access/driveway/pathway etc, to the property for The Moving Team.

c) The Customer will obtain, at their own expense, all documents, permits, and licences necessary for the removal to be completed (if applicable).


3.0 Other Liabilities & Limitations

a) Whilst our moving teams provide the highest level of care and attention to your house and property when carrying out your move, there remains the risk of marking/scuffs to door frames, floors, vinyl, internal walls and stairwells. This risk is increased when handling large furniture and white ware items or kitchen appliances. Whilst the risk is low, all work carried at either loading or unloading site will be carried out at “Owners Risk”.

b) Zland Movers are not liable for any damage caused by vehicles to lawns, driveways, footpaths, underground pipes, cables, sewerage, or other underground installations. Should The Moving Team be instructed by The Customer, or any person acting on their behalf, to drive, park, or manoeuvre vehicles in or near an area where such damage is likely to occur, compliance with such instructions will not in any way involve Zland Movers or its insurers in responsibility for any subsequent damage which may be sustained. Such responsibility will rest solely in the hands of The Customer.


4.0 Carriers Liability

Items carried by Zland Movers are protected by Carriers Liability Insurance pursuant to the carriage of Goods Act 1979. This cover is free to Zland Movers Customers, but has the following limitations: In the event of an automobile accident whilst in transit, damaged furniture is covered by Zland Movers insurance provider. For a more comprehensive cover, The Customer is welcome to arrange moving insurance at their own expense. If The Customer is not insured, the Customer Service Representative is happy to discuss further options.

Outside of automobile accidents, Zland Movers are not liable for any damages caused to goods as part of the moving process. Goods are moved at “Owners Risk”. This means that damages that occur unintentionally are not the responsibility of the carrier.

a) If damage does occur intentionally, Zland Movers insurers will manage all claims.

b) All claims will be forwarded onto Zland Movers insurer’s office with relevant supporting documentation.

c) Any claim must be lodged in writing within 48 hours of the occurrence of damage or loss. Claims submitted outside of this time will not be accepted.

d) Zland Movers is not liable for damage if goods have pre-existing damage, inherent damage, or where the damage has resulted from insufficient packaging.

e) Zland Movers is not liable for damage to the owner’s packed goods. This includes glass, fragile items, and electrical appliances.

f) Zland Movers is not liable for third party damage – i.e. in the event of an accident where the other party is found at fault, the carrier will not be liable for goods damaged in transit. In this case The Customer must lodge a claim directly with the insurance company of the other party.

g) In accordance with the Carriage of Goods Act, any damage claims can only be processed once complete payment of the move has been received.


5.0 Payment

a) All residential and non-credit account moves are strictly cash, bank transfer or eftpos payment upon completion of the move, unless prior arrangements are made with The Customer Service Representative. With commercial office moves, Zland Movers allow for a maximum 7 days account in arrears, unless prior arrangements are made with The Customer Service Representative.

b) All Credit Card payments (Visa and MasterCard) will be charged a 3% fee to cover Mobile EFTPOS terminal fees and transaction fees.

c) Zland Movers reserves the right to ask for payment in full before unloading the last item/items.

d) If full payment is not made by the end of business on the agreed day, then a late fee of $50.00 + GST will be incurred for every business day that the account remains unpaid. This will be at the discretion of Zland Movers.

e) For bank transfers where the funds will not show up in the Zland Movers account immediately due to bank handling, a screenshot of the confirmed payment sent to the Customer Service Representative, or shown to The Moving

The team is sufficient to confirm payment.

f) All defaulting accounts will be forwarded to third-party debt collectors. The Customer will be liable for all costs associated with recouping any debt.


5.1 Disputes

Zland Movers will never charge a fee that has not been agreed to prior, either by email correspondence, or verbal communication. However, in the event that The Customer does

not agree with the charges levied, The Customer can dispute the charges. The Customer must lodge a formal dispute to the Customer Service Representative in writing within 30

days of the move being completed. A dispute is a legal document, which must outline in full the issue The Customer has. Any applicable supporting evidence must be provided,

and the desired outcome stated.

a) Disputes will be resolved in the first instance via email communication with the Customer Service Representative.

b) The Customer Service Representative will respond to the dispute by the end of the next business day. If an error has been made on the part of Zland Movers, or The Moving Team, this error will be rectified.

c) If Zland Movers believes that no error has been made, or the dispute is otherwise invalid, a formal response will be given.

d) If The Customer continues to believe that an error has been made, The Customer may file a complaint with the Disputes Tribunal.

e) In the event that an unpaid invoice is disputed, Zland Movers reserves the right to hold any items still in their possession, until the account has been settled.

f) If the account remains unpaid 7 business days following the formal response, then the outstanding account will be passed on to debt collectors, per the Zland Movers Payment policy.

g) When an unpaid invoice is disputed, the $50 per day late fee will be paused.

i) Should the dispute prove valid, all late fees from the time the dispute was lodged will be waived.

ii) Should the dispute prove invalid, then all late fees will be applied, including the days that the invoice sat in dispute.

h) All monies found owing as the result of a dispute will be paid out in accordance with the Zland Movers refund policy.


6.0 Cancellations and Delays

In accepting a move, Zland Movers are booking that time for the move to be undertaken.If moves are cancelled at short notice, then Zland Movers may be unable to book another move in that time slot. As such, Zland Movers reserves the right to apply acancellation fee.

a) Minimum cancellation fees of 10% will apply for all PREPAID bookings with less than 14 days notice.

b) Minimum cancellation fees of 25% will apply for all PREPAID bookings with less than 7 days notice.

c) Minimum cancellation fees of 50% will apply for all PREPAID bookings with less than 72 hours notice.

d) Minimum cancellation fees of 75% will apply for all PREPAID bookings with less than 24 hours notice.

e) Zland Movers will make every effort to carry out your move as scheduled at the time of booking. However, delays can occur for a range of reasons. These include, but are not limited to, bad weather conditions, unforeseen delays in jobs booked prior, mechanical breakdowns, technical issues, and traffic delays. Scheduled start times cannot be guaranteed and Zland Movers will not be responsible for paying any costs or expenses you may incur as a result of the delay or cancellation.



7.1 When a quote is provided, unless stated otherwise, the requested date is available. Zland Movers ask that a non-refundable deposit be paid to secure a time on this day. Zland Movers also asks that a screenshot of the confirmed payment be sent via email. This is to immediately confirm the payment, and skip the potential handling time between banks.

a) If too much time passes before the screenshot of payment confirmation is sent, the requested date may no longer be available. In these cases, The Customer Service

Representative can work with The Customer to secure an alternative date.

b) Unless prior arrangements are made, Zland Movers will not confirm any booking,nor hold any time slots until the requested deposit has been received, either by means of a screenshot, or sighted in the bank account.

c) This deposit is non-refundable, unless the need for a refund is caused by an error on the part of Zland Movers. In these cases, The Customer Service

Representative will request a bank account for the funds to be refunded into. If anaccount number is not received within 7 business days, the account will be considered closed, and there will be no further eligibility for refund. Refunds will be processed by the accounts department, and will take no longer than 14 businessdays to process.


7.2 When receiving a quote, all charges are outlined, based on the information provided by The Customer. If there are items or circumstances present that were not declared by

The Customer, a further charge may be applied. This is at the discretion of The Moving Team. The Customer will be notified by The Moving Team of these additional charges,either before the job begins, or as early as practicable.

a) Circumstances that cause access issues will be charged separately. These include,but are not limited to:

i) Narrow or excessively steep driveways that prevent the truck from having good access to the loading zone.

ii) An excessively great distance between the loading zone and the goods, either by fault of terrain, location of items, or parking issues/narrow streets.

iii) Excessively narrow or claustrophobic spaces, that make it difficult to reasonably move the required items through them.

iv) Flights of stairs. Full flights of stairs will incur (as a maximum) a $30 one-off charge for each story. Smaller sets of stairs, such as a few steps leading into a house, do not incur an additional fee. Spiral staircases will incur an additional fee.

b) Excessively heavy, or awkward items will be charged separately. These charges will be on a per-item basis, and will be a maximum of $100 per item. These can include, but are not limited to:

i) Items over 80kg, or a near approximation to. Zland Movers do not carry scales, so are unable to accurately determine the weight of items. This approximation is performed by The Moving Team, who are highly experienced in this matter. Generally, beds, fridges/freezers, and standard whiteware appliances are exempt from this additional charge.

ii) Specialist items such as pianos, organs, pool tables, heavy antiques, orspecialised machinery and equipment.

c) The Moving Team will always do their utmost to ensure that all goods are moved in a single trip. Sometimes this is not possible, however. In these cases, upon agreement between The Customer and The Moving Team:

i) A second trip can be arranged for another day. This will be treated as a separate move, and will incur another callout fee.

ii) If possible, a second trip can be performed immediately. This will not incur a second callout fee, and will be covered under the hourly rate.

iii) The Moving Team can leave the remainder of the items where they are and end the job after the first trip.

d) An hourly rate is provided. This time begins when The Moving Team arrives at the pickup location, and ends once the final item has been unloaded at the destination. This timing is made under the assumption that The Moving Team can begin the work promptly upon arrival at the addresses. Down-time not caused by a direct error on the part of Zland Movers will still be charged for, even if The Moving Team is doing nothing.

e) A callout fee is provided. This is based on the location of the pickup and destination addresses. This fee covers the cost for The Moving Team to reach and return from these locations, inclusive of all running costs.

f) For long-distance quotes, a transit fee is provided. This is based on the distance between the pickup and destination addresses. The fee will include all applicable ferry, toll, and other road charges, as well as being inclusive of all other running costs. Unless full addresses are provided in the initial quote request, this transit fee is subject to change, once the correct addresses are taken into account.

g) If applicable, a Waste Management fee will be charged if The Customer requestsZland Movers to dispose of unwanted items. In such cases, the hourly rate will continue to apply until The Moving Team leaves the refuse station.

h) If the customer is requesting overnight storage of goods, a one-off Storage fee will be charged.

i) Zland Movers will never apply any extra charges other than what has been set out in these Terms and Conditions.

j) Unless otherwise stated, all quotes are provided excluding GST.


8.0 Termination

Zland Movers and The Moving Team reserve the right to terminate any move without notice if

a) The move does not match the information provided prior by The Customer to a reasonable degree.

b) If The Moving Team is endangered, or uncomfortable with completing the move due to aggressive or unacceptable behaviour by The Customer, or other parties present. This includes physical or verbal threats, intoxicated persons, indecent exposure, and aggressiveness. It is The Customers responsibility to ensure that the work sites are free from these situations.

c) If the work environment is not safe to perform the job, or there are safety issues that The Moving Team deem untenable. These must be disclosed to The Customer Service Representative prior to the day of the move. This includes construction sites, roadworks, open holes or tunnels, and poorly maintained stairways.

d) If the work zones or items to be moved are excessively unhygienic or unclean. This includes vermin, rubbish, bodily fluids, mould, unpleasant odours such as decay or mildew, etc. It is the responsibility of The Customer to ensure that the work sites are clean and hygienic.